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Scale textures

billydbbillydb Member
edited March 2017 in General questions
I know you can't directly scale a texture, only the Bitmap, but I am trying to convert a game made with tilemaps to pixel art and the problem is all the levels are made with tiles that fit a large size texture. For all the other art work, characters, obstacles etc, I can simply re draw them as pixel art and x3 the Bitmaps but for the png's that the tilemaps use I have to draw them as pixel art and then scale them in photoshop by x3 to fake it.

I can't face re doing all the levels just so I can save having unnecessary large scale textures for the tilemaps except now I've zoomed the "camera" out by setting the logical scale to 720x1080 and am worried about perfomance because you'll be seeing a lot more tiles when that far out and they will be higher res than the rest.

I hope some of this made sense. Basically I want to be able to scale the texture used by a tilemap by x3.

Any genius work arounds?



  • hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
    Hmm, I don't understand your problem, maybe I missed the point. Why not juste scale the Tilemap itself ?

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  • Yeh it's hard to explain.
    I've tried scaling the tilmap or various parts like the display size settings but any scaling breaks the tile map.

    I have created the tile maps in tiled using a texture that is 256*128
    I want to down res everything to do a pixel art style so the new tilemap texture would be 64*32

    The problem is I can't afford to re do all the tilemaps and the only solution i can come up with is drawing the pixel art at 64*32 and then scale it up to 256*128 in photoshop. The issue is this means I'm wasting memory on large ish textures that only actually need to be 64*32.

    It could all be sorted if I could scale the texture in gideros before feeding it to the tile map but it seems you can't scale textures, only bitmaps
  • antixantix Member
    Are you using the inbuilt tilemap class for displaying your tilemap? If so then it should scale just like any other sprite.
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  • piepie Member
    @billydb did you change your tilemap settings (tilewidth and tileheight) when you tried resizing the tile-textures?
    You can change it directly in your lua-map file for a quick test
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