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My first game: Zen Dataminer

After about four years and dozens of abandoned projects, I finally finished and published my first game: Zen Dataminer!
(This one took only 3 days to make from scratch :P But hell I'm tired now)

About the game:
It's one of those idle mining games. Hopefully I don't get hate for this :D
You have three devices: a modem, a data analyzer and a storage. The modem downloads data, the analyzer transforms it and puts it into the storage.
While looking at numbers growing, you can also do something semi-useful (yay): Solve binary/hex to decimal number conversion puzzles.

The game is only available in the Google Playstore.
Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.treasurebyte.dataminer

As I didn't implement a tutorial, a small intro video won't hurt. But please try to not watch it first, I'd like to know if the game is self-explanatory enough to get started:

Would be nice if some of you would give it a try. I don't even have ads or in-game-purchases, but I'd still like to see someone got some joy out of it. Even negative feedback helps, I guess.

Cheers, and thanks for this amazing framework and community.
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  • I installed it, will write my comments here soon. By the way my Kongoratz for the game!:D
  • talistalis Guru
    edited February 2017
    Ok something like 1 min passed until i understand what to do. In any case tutorıal will not hurt of course.
    Let me share my ideas:
    1-When the game starts in the down black area there is written "Zen Mode" . When i press there the game crashes for me. (My andorid is 6.0.1,Tel mi5 pro)
    2-There is no icon for the game. I can see default Gideros icon. I strongly suggest to make some.
    3-In the beginning Solve Binary and Solve hexadecimal mini games i like it so much but later so much repetitive and boring for me. Maybe this logic can be much more interesting;
    -From time to time important data can be obtained like Bank or government data. And solve binary or hexadecimal will start to blink for 30 seconds. If you will do it in the time you will receive extra bonus somehow. (Extra speed, extra data or free upgrade etc..) In other times mini games will also work but with less points.
    4-Graphically i like the way that when i upgrade my modem there are more data is coming(0s and 1s). Actually in general i like the old dos style graphics.
    5-I have another idea;
    -Now you have modem,Data Analyzer and Storage. What about after reaching some speed you can buy more hardware like "Decryption" When you bought this hardware you start to collect encrypted data also.
    -Normal data can be directly sold as normal.
    -Encrypted data can be again sold but so much cheap price. If you will use hardware and decrypt the data it can be sold for extra money.

    I have so much in mind as ideas. But i guess the more ideas will be implemented the more it will ruin the simplicity of this game.

    In general i like the logic and i spent my 15 min good. Friendly speaking i am not sure will i open again and play? There must be some challenges or some feedback to user maybe like scoreboard or achievements.
    For 3 days of work perfect job.
  • @talis
    Glad that you got into the game so fast. But not all users may be as sharp as you, so I will probably add a little introduction texts.

    The crash on Zen Mode makes me sad. The only thing it does is scaling up the modem and analyzer so they fill the screen (with a GTween), and hide all other panels. I have no idea why it would crash there, but hopefully I can come up with a fix.

    I didn't know how to include an icon. But I will add one soon for sure.

    I like all your ideas very much. Actually I had quite similar ideas before I started development, and I may add some of the features in the future. And as you said, the game should remain simple, but right now it is a bit too little content.

    Thanks for the review!
  • talistalis Guru
    edited February 2017
    I sent my crash log as feedback when it asks me to, i hope you can investigate it through google play account. I will review it in google play store also.
    In addition i was curious and make a little search in google play store. I found this game maybe it can give some idea, the logic seems similar with different theme.
    (dig station)
    Edit note: Youtube video preview was huge removed the link.
  • HolonistHolonist Member
    edited February 2017
    I know why it crashes now. The Zen button creates a sell button after the scaling tween is complete. When you leave the zen mode, by pressing the button again, it removes the sell button. However if you press the zen button twice very fast, it tries to remove a child that does not exist. The error message from gideros I got in Google is really nice :)

    I will make an update asap, but I think it takes a few hours to deploy every time, so I will add another few improvements before committing

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  • I like it! I haven't played anything exactly like it, but a couple games that are similar (make it rain, adventure capitalist).

    It needs a theme!
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  • I like the way it still functions when app is not directly in use. Is this a "happy accident" or intended?
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  • @totebo you mean that you get value even when the app is suspended/closed? No worries, it doesn't drain any cpu or battery :D It is simple math that calculates how much you earned since the point where the app got suspended or closed.
  • Okay, then that's really clever. I figure out how to trigger the binary and hex puzzles too. It's all very addictive. It makes you wonder how far you can progress. Based on the three day Dev cycle, I think I can guess the answer.

    I found a bug; sometimes you can end up on negative bank balance if you hit the purchase button repeatedly.

    Are there other games like this you based this one on? The "one of those idle mining games" comment sounds suspicious. :)

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  • HolonistHolonist Member
    edited February 2017
    "Bitcoin Billionaire" and "Tap Titans". Really great games imo, but both have the problem that the units get ridiculously big very fast. Instead of k, M, G, T they go to A, B, C .... AA, AB, etc, losing any meaning after some point (Oh look this upgrade costs 17 AC, but I only have 99 AB, hmm). Also the only active gameplay they offer is tapping on the screen like crazy. I wanted to improve on those aspects :)

    I'm aware of the "abuse upgradebutton" bug. Was only a matter of time until someone discovers it :P It's because I wanted the money to "fade" in/out. And while it's fading, you might have enough money for another upgrade. Will see if I can fix this, but for now it's not critical I think.

    As for the puzzles, I build the minigame so that it can scale. Thought about adding harder versions where you have to solve 12 or even 16 bit. But I think "aint nobody got time fo dat" :D
  • Yeah, nice! It really works.
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  • Getting busy!

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  • @totebo looks nice :D there is an update btw!
  • Got it. Nice!
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  • @holonist Now I need high scores to show off my Very High Numbers!
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  • I was thinking to post my screenshot and boast about it till i saw your screenshot @totebo :((
    anyway here is mine also :-B
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  • HolonistHolonist Member
    edited March 2017
    Well you both have 46 Gb/s IO, so same income rate. That's amazing :D
    Happy to see you guys actually playing it. I will probably do an update from time to time, but I'm already working on another game (more "gamy" this time :P)

    Edit: Wanted to upload a screenshot from my game to prove nobody can beat the developer, but realized I have only 18 GB/s IO. (Granted, I had to reinstall it a few times).
    You guys are addicted :'D

    Edit 2: There is currently a limit on the numbers on dots displayed (200 and 400) for performance reasons. If you guys want, I can add a graphics settings button which increases them to 800 and 1600. It will be pure insanity
  • Look forward to seeing your new gamey game! Zen Miner is great, so will be interesting to see what you come up with.

    And anything to make Zen "insane" gets my vote. :)
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  • Okay, guys, beat THIS.

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  • talistalis Guru
    edited April 2017
    @totebo , I will install the game to one of my test devices, hire some student with money and give him daily quota for mining. I will beat your RECORD!!!! >:) >:) >:)

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  • I wish you luck. You will need it. :)
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