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Edwina, final game version in HTML5

Edwina had his money stolen by evil magic candy. Help the young witch to recover their savings (or part thereof) who are in possession of the Lollipop Cramunhão, Evil Candy and terrible Fudim !!!
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  • kinrpgkinrpg Member
    Updates from the previous version of Edwina 1.5

    1) Using movieclip for all animations;

    2) Performance improvements in animations;

    3) New coin design;

    4) Effects of the collision of coins and enemies;

    5) Create and upgrade enemies;

    6) Time bar / Mana duration of the game.

    7) Increase black borders.

    8) Create end game screen.

    9) Changes in the UI of the game, leave more intuitive for users and improve visual aspects.

    10) Monsters Behavior: Lollipop T, Pudding Z and Bombom | at random.

    11) Place ranking in the save.

    12) Resete ranking and missions in the options.

    13) Create system of missions / achievements.

    14) Implement power up:

    Every 10 points Overall speed + 0.2;
    Every 20 points 1 hat (+5 mana).
    Every 50 points 1 heart.

    Link for play http://bangbloom.esy.es/jogos/lancado-edwina-1-5

    360 x 639 - 113K
    360 x 640 - 109K
    360 x 640 - 90K
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