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Greetings from Vietnam
  • Hi all,

    As gorkem suggested, please let us introduce ourselves :)

    We are Phong and Duy (Rickyngk on Gideros forum) from Guava7 Studio, located in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.
    Our passion is making games.

    We accidentally knew Gideros just a 1-2 months ago (honestly I don't remember exactly when and how I found out it ;)
    And guess what? We really love it!

    We has just started our first game since ~10 days (including learning Lua and Gideros itself) but the result and progress is very satisfying thanks to Gideros SDK! Our target is finishing the game in 2 more weeks from now.

    Keep up the good work! Much appreciated!

  • Hello phongtt,

    welcome in the forum. I am happy to read that you commit yourself to Gideros. Which tools did you have used before or is this your first adventure into the world of game development?

    Take care
  • gorkemgorkem +1 -1
    Very nice to hear the fact that you started your game 10 days ago, and aiming to finish in 2 weeks :) That makes 25 days from start to finish. Really great!

    Please send screenshots and videos as you progress. We'd love to watch \:D/
  • Hi Mike & Gorkem,

    We're from a J2ME background (later we moved a bit to smartphone for a while), but our job was mainly porting nearly-finished game made with in-house engine (java, c++), so we mostly dealt with optimization and device issues rather than creation. So I can say that this is our first time trying to do things from A to Z :)

    I will probably send some info about the game soon. Currently tuning the art direction, polishing the GUI and completing some gameplay functions. You must buy the game to support us! :p
  • Welcome Phong and Duy! Looking forward to see your game and of course I will buy it :)

    BTW, I am half Vietnamese :)

    Don't forget to have fun :)
  • Hey guys welcome ! >:D<

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  • Hi Phong and Duy :)

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