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2 iOS business apps released using Gideros - Gideros Forum

2 iOS business apps released using Gideros

I guess it's somewhat obligatory to make an official announcement about app releases, though these two apps don't fit the typical Gideros genres.

I've recently re-released a free iPhone tourism app rearchitected using Gideros and a heavily modified version of the uikit.mm plugin, utilising multiple WebKit viewports with a Lua model and controller setup. The MVC architecture is explained a little better in this thread:


App Store link for Open Studios: https://itunes.apple.com/app/open-studios/id388416851?mt=8


The original was built in Objective-C and the Three20 library, and this new version relies on a hybrid Lua/Web approach (not quite like PhoneGap - in my humble opinion, I think it works better since I'm driving everything from Lua and creating and destroying multiple WebKit viewport buffers on the fly). I'm extremely pleased with the speed of development that Gideros provides. I was under an extremely tight deadline and Gideros made this app development cycle possible.

The second app is an enterprise iPad app designed for a professional time-lapse photography system (http://photosentinel.com.au), used by pro photographers in commercial construction and art photography. For example, the top prize Australian entry in the 2013 British Chelsea Flower Show used the photoSentinel system to great effect, documenting the construction of their award winning garden over several days.

The free iPad app (with a demo mode for non-subscribers to their web platform) is available on iTunes here:



This app similarly leverages strong technologies within HTML5 and WebKit, but also uses the OpenGL engine for rendering the zoom-into-a-photo aspect of the app (although lots happens on the backend of the web platform, since we're dealing primarily with typically thousands of 12+ megapixel images.) There's also lots of web service calls over SSL, using UrlLoader and XML parsing for all the back and forth between client and server.

Hope folk find these two apps an interesting way of using Gideros beyond the typical gaming genres.


- Ian
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  • Wow, that is really really impressive.
    Hopefully after native support, it will be much more easier t do :)
  • @ar2rsawseen Actually, although the uikit.mm plugin supports many native iOS widgets, I chose not to use them and instead use HTML5 technologies instead, since it would make porting to Android "theoretically" simpler. (-; We'll see…

    But I *am* very interested in the WebView support for Android, since I do a lot of inter-communication between JavaScript, HTTP calls and the Lua backend. Would *love* to be involved in some discussion about your native support when it's appropriate for a beta.

    Thank you!

    - Ian
  • Actually the Android native bridge and UI (including webview) is basically in beta:

    Webview has most of the quirks worked out, including native keyboard support for web inputs and executing javascript from lua

    We only keep the code in alpha due to IOS part holding us down ;)
  • @ar2rsawseen Do you support instantiating multiple web views simultaneously under Android? For example, my magazine engine uses 3 main buffers, 2 of which are offscreen at various points. (I keep one of them for the list view, so I don't have to keep redrawing it when I hit < Back, since it's computationally quite expensive.) The 4th buffer is the header view, with a bunch of CSS3 3D transitions, which aren't so easy to do in Gideros, but trivial using HTML5.

    Also, my iOS web view plugin has custom protocols which then calls Lua, hence I can call Lua using location.href or using links within the web interface.

    I'm very keen to hear whether the Android web view support handles multiple instantiation, and the coupling of messaging between Lua and the webkit views.

    - Ian
  • I think it should be possible to create multiple instances, as for every View.

    Have not thought about backwards option to run lua from javascript, will think more on that ;)
  • Look at the article "Travel app development: How to create a comprehensive travelling experience for your app users" in the Cleveroad blog
  • Hello @yuliay. Your post is not relevant to this thread and looks like self-promotion. Why not download Gideros and give it a bash? I bet you will love it.
    My Gideros games: www.totebo.com
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