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Facebook Android Plugin

ar2rsawseenar2rsawseen Maintainer
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Here is a Facebook Android Plugin.


It will probably be included in next versions of Gideros, but for those of you who can't wait and want to try it out now (maybe even find any bugs :) ) here it is.

I've attached two files, one (FacebookPlugin.zip) for Android exported project other (FacebookGideros.zip) a Gideros sample project.

Installation instructions:
  • Download Facebook SDK here: http://developers.facebook.com/android/
  • Facebook SDK installation instructions here: http://developers.facebook.com/android/
    • Download and unzip
    • Import SDK into eclipse (Note you need to import it in workspace and check copy all files)
  • Export Gideros project to Android project
  • Import Android project to eclipse (Note you need to import it in workspace and check copy all files or Facebook SDK won't work)
  • Link Facebook SDK to your project:
    • Right click on your project
    • Select properties
    • Choose Android
    • In library section click Add and choose FacebookSDK
    • If it's not there or not linking properly, it means that you haven't imported FacebookSDK into eclipse or it's not in your workspace or your project is not in your workspace
  • Copy contents of FacebookPlugin.zip into your project:
    • Copy .so files to each separate armeabi folder
    • Copy facebook folder to src/giderosmobile/android/plugins folder
  • Inside your main activity:
    • Add lib as System.loadLibrary("facebook");
    • Add external class as "com.giderosmobile.android.plugins.facebook.GFacebook"
    • Add this line inside onActivityResult method: GFacebook.fb.authorizeCallback(requestCode, resultCode, data); (This step will not be needed, when plugin will be included in Gideros SDK)
  • Clean and launch the app, if it does not work, come and complain here, because I may have also screwed something up :)

Attaching Facebook SDK I used while developing plugin
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