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Business Application Development

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I'm new to Gilderos and would appreciate some help in getting started. At rinstrum we develop industrial weighing electronics and have recently added embedded LUA scripting to one of our products, hence the interest in developing in LUA.

What we would like to do is create a configuration utility on Android and ios using LUA that leverages the bluetooth serial profile to communicate with our products. Ideally we would like to develop the application in LUA and make it available to our customer base as a reference design for other applications they may need on mobile devices. This way they code in LUA to configure the embedded controller and can leverage some of this on mobile platforms via Gilderos.

Any help appreciated.

Anyone in the developer community interested in taking on the job of building us a framework, please get in touch. We have plenty of projects on the go so happy to outsource to someone experienced in this field.



  • @Darren, an email address is always nice to get in touch. So which office are you in, the US/Europe or the Australiasia?

    You can get in touch with me at dev.ozapps[at]gmail.com
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  • Hi Darren

    ...Just reading this, I am an experienced Objective-C, IOS Developer working for a water utilities company. We wanted to build a native app on IOS that would talk over bluetooth to a meter reading device (used by our meter readers) using the serial profile. After lots of research we discovered that it's not possible on IOS devices to do this as this profile is not supported unless the device manfacturer has an expensive (MFI) agreement with Apple and specific hardware in the device. Luckily on android this was easy and no restrictions exist.

    Anyway, good luck, hope this helps :-)

  • I think @Scouser is currently looking to take on an external project, I can vouch for his skill and competence as a programmer / developer of the highest calibre. I suggest you PM him as he's got a fairly robust app framework to hand.
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    Recommend you look at the article about business application development called Enterprise mobile application development: reveal the process of creation at the Cleveroad blog!
    Also our company has big experience in creating business apps, so if you have got any questions - feel free to ask them!
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