Winki Aircraft

About Winki Aircraft

A casual indie action game of aircraft that only requires small touches on your screen to have a good time.

Have fun with Winki Aircraft dodging and advancing through disruptives platforms (circular shaped terrains with hills).

During your journey you will have to take all the coins that are appearing there, because with them you can unlock new worlds (content).


Pressing your screen you control the aircraft ... if it goes upwards the aircraft, presses your screen and this one will lower, if it is lowering the aircraft, presses your screen and this one will rise.

Winki Aircraft offers 5 degrees of difficulty to challenge your reflexes and nerves progressively. Get to the top of each of the leaderboards and share it with your friends or the Winki community.

In short, Winki Aircraft is a game that has taken care of the user experience so that all the mechanics of the game is within reach of your finger.

Genre: Action

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Developed by: [-] Liasoft

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