Sudoku Genius

About Sudoku Genius

Play and enjoy a funny and different Sudoku experience.

Sudoku Genius provides 4000 amazing sudoku puzzles with numbers and funny boards. Really easy to play: just choose one difficulty level and start playing a sudoku puzzle.

Amateurs and experts Sudoku players will love and enjoy this game, all members of your family can play it. Improve your sudoku skills with different difficulty levels.

- Five difficulty levels: Very easy, easy, medium, hard and very hard.
- Play one Sudoku puzzle once for each difficulty level.
- Auto-save and auto-resume: green color means new game, orange color means saved game and red color means all puzzle of one difficulty level have been solved.
- Different board aspect for each each difficulty level.
- Select a number and a green rectangle helps you showing where they are on board.
- Earn points and time bonus solving sudoku puzzle as soon as possible.
- Submit your score to Heyzap scoreboard.

Genre: Puzzle

Developed by: JDBC

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