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Discover Philosopher's stone performing tons of experiments and gaining knowledge.

The main game objective is to discover the universal solvent - Philosopher's stone. During the game, the player has to perform different experiments to gain knowledge points and advance through the path of self evolution to discover new elements.

There are 3 base level packs - discovery of 3 main elements - Salt, Mercury and Sulfur. By completing the each pack, Player unlocks 1 main elements and 2 new game elements and proceeds to next pack.

To complete it, Player also has to gain knowledge points by performing experiments in experiments game mode and unlock the special levels, which each has different tasks to complete.

Each unlocked element appears in further levels, making the game very exciting to play.

By discovering the 3 main elements - Salt, Mercury and Sulfur - the player can start to use them all and discover the Philosopher's stone to complete the game.

Genre: Logic

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