Fragmenter Pro - animated loop machine

About Fragmenter Pro - animated loop machine

Realtime animation app for making stroke-based animating pictures. good for having fun doodling, also it can be used to project visuals made realtime, to accompany music etc. in case you can/like to draw, it may be more interesting then your usual vj app. main features:
• realistic pen emulating pressure or in case of capable device (e.g., thinkpad tablet, samsung note) using real pressure info of the pen
• fast animating engine
• multiple layers, with three different functions (background, loop and infinite layer)
• save/load layers (Pro version: 9 slots per layer, Lite version: only 2 slots per layer)
• adjustable pen size, pen color, background color
• undo
• video tutorials
• phone, tablet, hd compatible
• minimal permission requirements, no ads
• one man development, by buying this app you support my work so far and further development

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