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About Bubble Puddle

This is war. Those pesky bubbles are attacking your floor, that you have just mopped clean. And now it is your duty to defend this floor by any means necessary, through any crazy attack, combination or puzzle those bubbles might have. Don't let the bubbles to create a puddle on your floor.

Meant for everyone who want to play casual game and have fun and a laugh.

Use any way or item you have at your disposal:
* Pop them with your finger
* Slice them like ninja
* Shoot them from various weapons
* Slide them to spikes
* Match them by colors
* Hit them with soccer ball
* Tap them using multi touch
* Squish them
* Or even use math

Those sneaky bubbles can:
* Wear protecting gear
* Dodge and sneak upon you
* Place mines
* Use exploding bombs
* Freeze themselves
* Hide in balloons
* Hide in one another

Don't get fooled!

How To Play:

1. Don't let bubbles reach your floor.
- Pop them
- Slice them
- Shoot them
- Match them
- Hit them


** Tons of levels
** Lots of modes
** Crazy bubble types
** 100 of ways to destroy bubble
** Joke punchline on every achievement
** Great for playing with your kids

Feels like playing 10 different games

Genre: Action

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Developed by: Water Bread Internet

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