Bow Sailboat

About Bow Sailboat

It is inspired by classic video games “Frogger” and “Bomber Man”.
Working in a way that is opposite to usual games of this type “Defense”, the roads and the turrets are carried to the enemies, instead of them travelling on a fixed path that you defend.

In addition Bow Sailboat, is a great casual game of puzzles, strategy and naval combat, which uses pivots to plan your attacks and to define the navigation routes to follow at sea, using curves.

On a foggy and stormy night, an exploring sailboat falls into a portal and enters a strange world, where mysterious creatures want to destroy it.

Your mission: to come out victorious in each of the oceans, fortresses and labyrinths that you must cross throughout the game.

-64 totally personalized levels which will challenge your nerves and your mind.
-Items in the application’s store that will give more emotional involvement to your adventure.
-An incredible fold-out console on pivots to supplement your strategies.
-More than 50 combinations of the pivots to navigate and shoot.
-360 degrees available for shooting.
-Open and closed navigation curves.
-Simultaneous firing.
-You can raise the level of your lives and by doing this have more attempts per level.
-Camera in order to move all over the ocean.
-And much more…

Simple and intuitive, the pivots are moved just by dragging them on the screen or pressing them twice to configure them using the fold-out console. Lastly, the “play” button is pressed or you touch the sailboat and ready!... play out your strategy.

Genre: Strategy

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Developed by: [-] Liasoft

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