About Beevolution

The long-awaited Beevolution is now available. Get ready to challenge the attacking bees in a fun and exciting experience.
Combining a unique gameplay and stunning visuals, Beevolution is gonna blow up your mind!
With the extremely different game dynamics than any other game, Beevolution is gonna let you have a totally unique game-play experience. In the game, you will help the freedom struggle of the worker bees that escaped from the oppressive regime of the Queen Bee.
Tap on the bullets fired by the soldier bees against your hive and return the fire right back at them.
You have two jobs. One is defending your base with all your strength and struggling for survival. The other is destroying the enemy hive as quickly as possible. Don’t forget that your only defense is the enemy bullets.That is not the end of the story. You are gonna struggle with various types of soldier bees waiting for you. Also, beware of the time! If you fail to destroy the enemy hive in time, you are gonna end up going back to the beginning. Rack your brain and develop some defence strategies to survive while at the same time watching out the colour combinations.
Having trouble with the Queen’s army? Don’t worry! Use the honey you gained to get active and passive power ups. They will help you increase your chance of survival and charge up the fun you will have.
Get ready to join the defense of the worker bees and help their struggle for freedom!
Once upon a time in a village called Honeyville, there was a ruthless Queen Bee restraining the worker bees by shackles and forcing them to work under harsh conditions. Unable to fly away and get rid of this brutality, the bees had to work for longer hours without stopping just to feed the appetite of the greedy queen and his bully soldiers. Then one day, while digging up the hive, one of the worker bees accidently swung his pickaxe at the chains, ending up breaking them into pieces. After being freed from his shackles, he realized that he could fly to wherever he wants. Having witnessed him gaining his freedom, all the worker bees in chains realized that freedom was already in their hands. Now they could fly to freedom!
After they fled away from the Queen, the worker bees built themselves a flimsy, but cosy hive to make a fresh start. They were living happily until the Queen’s army got its hands on them. And our story begins here. Getting mad at their escape, the Queen sends her troops to chase after the workers and get them back to their slavery.
Now the hive of the worker bees is at stake. Get ready to join the worker bees in their struggle for freedom against the soldiers. Use the enemy’s own tools against them and have fun.
Unique game dynamics
Fun, mind-blowing gameplay experience suitable for all ages
Combat by using the enemy bullets against them
Strategy development with different colour combinations
Stunning visuals & sound effects
Struggle against the clock
Special funny animations
Attractive story
Challenge your friends to beat your high scores
Epic gameplay experience

Genre: Action

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