Ultimate Guide to Gideros Studio

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The Ultimate Guide to Gideros Studio book is written collaboratively by developers. Drop a note in Gideros forums if you are interested in becoming an author.

Current authors

Caroline Begbie, Atılım Çetin, Görkem Çetin, Nathan Doss, Michael Hartlef, Arturs Sosins, Jayant Varma, Deniz A.S. Cetin write your name here

Read it online

The very latest draft of the book can be read from this link

Progress status

Table below shows who's working on what. Color legend is as follows:

Status Meaning
INCOMPLETE Chapter is incomplete or looking for an author.
IN PROGRESS Work has been started on this task, and a progress has been made.
COMPLETED Task is already completed, or near completion.

Main discussion thread is here.

Suggested timeline

This is our preliminary timeline:

  • February 20: All draft sections complete
  • February 27: Public feedbacks sent to authors
  • March 10: Book goes live!

=== Chapter === === Subchapter ===     === Author ===         === Complete ===    
1. Introduction Görkem 90%
2. Welcome to Gideros Studio Görkem 90%
Platform support Görkem 100%
Gideros Studio IDE Görkem 100%
Gideros Studio SDK Görkem 100%
Gideros Player Görkem 100%
General Architecture Görkem 100%
Installing Gideros Studio Görkem 100%
Starting Gideros Studio Görkem 100%
Your very first code Görkem 70%
3. Getting started Görkem & Michael 80%
Gideros Studio IDE: Basics Görkem 100%
Dashboard Görkem 100%
Menu organization Görkem 100%
Project pane Michael 100%
Output pane Michael 100%
IDE pane Michael 100%
Running your application on Gideros Player Michael 100%
Installing player on Android Michael 100%
Installing player on iOS Michael 100%
Publishing your application to iTunes Michael 0%
Anatomy of a gproj file Michael 0%
Keyboard shortcuts Michael 100%
4. Introduction to Lua Görkem 60%
Overview Görkem 100%
Assignments and variables Görkem 100%
Basic functions Görkem 100%
String manipulation Görkem 100%
Control structures Görkem 50%
Arrays Görkem 100%
Linked lists Görkem 0%
Lua tables Görkem 0%
Mathematical functions Görkem 0%
File I/O Görkem 100%
Lua resources Görkem 100%
5. Classes in Gideros Atilim 100%
Creating instances Atilim 100%
Inheritance Atilim 100%
6. Graphics and animation
Introduction to graphics Atilim
Stage Atilim
Textures and bitmaps Atilim
Automatic image resolution Atilim
Automatic screen scaling Atilim
Creating game flow and logic
Scene management Nathan 10%
Drawing fonts Atilim
Drawing sprites Atilim
Using textures Atilim
Shapes Nathan 100%
Using tilemaps
Timelined animations with MovieClip
7. Playing sound and music Michael 95%
Introduction to sound system Michael 100%
Playing a sound Michael 100%
Using sound channels Michael 90%
Releasing a sound Michael 100%
Stopping a sound Michael 100%
Getting length of a sound file Michael 100%
Setting and getting volume of a sound Michael 100%
Getting the current position of a sound Michael 100%
8. Hardware and OS
Introduction to the hardware system
Getting logical dimensions
Getting device dimensions
Getting system information
Getting and setting orientation
Localization and language
Handling touch and mouse input
GPS and location
Vibration Gorkem 100%
Disabling dimming Gorkem 100%
Filesystem Atilim 100%
9. Extend your application with plugins Caroline 100%
Introduction to Plugins Caroline 100%
The Lua - C++ bridge API Caroline 100%
A first plugin for the iPhone Caroline 100%
10. Real world physics engine
11. Events system Atilim 100%
Introduction to events Atilim 100%
ENTER_FRAME Event Atilim 100%
Mouse and touch events Atilim 100%
Stopping an event dispatch Atilim 100%
Timer events Atilim 100%
Custom events Atilim 100%
List of all built-in events Atilim 100%
12. Miscellaneous
Using URLLoader
Matrix operations