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This page contains a list of all previous Gideros Studio release notes.

For recent releases, go to Github page

Release notes (2015.06.10)

  • Application:vibrate now accepts amount of miliseconds to vibrate
  • Ability to provide organization name and domain when exporting desktop applications
  • Player dispatches SUSPEND/RESUME events on losing focus and modal dialogs

WinRT export template

  • Added application:setKeepAwake
  • Added handling Back button on phone
  • Added application:exit
  • Added application:vibrate
  • Added Sprite:setBlendMode
  • Fixed not resending all files to player all the time

Desktop export template

  • Dispatches SUSPEND/RESUME events on losing focus and modal dialogs
  • Uses provided organization name and domain

Release notes (2015.06.04)

  • Drawing speed improvements (Shader separation)
  • Player will ignore Window dimensions and will play in player resolution
  • Fixed Sprite:setMatrix behavior
  • Sprite:setScale won't scale Z axis unless explicitly provided third parameter

WinRT export template

  • Move to OpenGL2 calls matching to Direct3D
  • 3D features for WinRT
  • Fixed issue with alpha channel
  • Fixed including all assets upon exporting
  • Added default plugins as Json, Lfs, Lsqlite3

Desktop export template

  • Documents and Temp file dirs are now OS dependent, not in the same folder
  • OSX loading Plugins from withing .app
  • Exiting app correctly on application:exit()
  • Added encryption support
  • Toggling autoscale on fullscreen

Release notes (2015.05.09)

  • Fixed overwriting files on export full export
  • Fixed toggle autoscale on Application:setFullscreen toggle
  • Optimized Matrices behavior
  • Fixed buffer overflow in print function
  • Improved encryption scheme

Release notes (2015.04.26)

  • Fixed 3D-Env example
  • Fixed ImageLoader example
  • Added WindowWidth and WindowHeight dimensions in Project property for Desktop exports initial windows dimensions
  • Added Application:getDeviceName to get user friendly device name
  • Added Event.MOUSE_WHEEL for mouse wheel scroll events on desktop
  • Added Studio saves separate export paths for each platform
  • Added Ctr+P in Gideros Studio toggles between localhost and IP setting
  • Added Ctrl+E shortcut to export
  • Added Ctrl+Shift+X shortcut to clear output
  • Added ability to search console output in Studio
  • Gideros Players are now discoverable in Gideros Studio automatically and available through dropdown

Release notes (2015.04.18)

  • Lua errors now cause exceptions when not in player mode, so they would be catchable by Crash Reporting libraries
  • Added zlib lua bindings (
  • Added UrlLoader:ignoreSslErrors() to ignore certificate related errors
  • Added headers table to UrlLoader COMPLETE event object with retrieved response headers if any
  • Changed coordinates shaders to high precision

Release notes (2015.04.12)

  • Added method Application:setFullScreen(bool)
  • Added method Application:setWindowSize(width, height)
  • Added separate Desktop Player zoom menu with new options
  • Fixed not resizing Player window smaller then Player size
  • Fixed Comparing correct types in shader for Android
  • Fixed Desktop 1280 x 720 resolution

Release notes (2015.04.08)

  • Fixed additional checks for OpenGL 2 shaders
  • Fixed Shaders not processing pixels with alpha 0
  • Fixed adding missing anchor constants for Sprite set/get functions
  • Fixed OpenGL 2 is required in android manifest (to filter out incompatible devices)
  • Fixed black space after exiting immersive view on Android
  • Fixed returning y value as z coordinate

Release notes (2015.04.04)

  • Basic support for 3D Meshes
  • Added 3D examples to Gideros Studio
  • Sprite setPosition/getPosition now accepts/returns 3 values, x, y, z
  • Sprite additional rotation axis set/getRotationX, set/getRotationY
  • Added Sprite swapChildren and swapChildrenAt methods for quicker Sprite sorting
  • Added Sprite:setClip(x,y,w,h)
  • Gideros Player on devices show projects menu on click when app is not running
  • Android project, added new density icon sizes
  • Fixed RenderTarget dimension allocation
  • Fixed handling volume and power buttons
  • Fixed errors in Android export project
  • Fixed errors in xCode project (now working with new IOS 8.2 SDK)

Release notes (2015.03.22)

  • Making window to fit app [Alt+F]
  • Bringing player to front on launch
  • Passing all key events to Gideros with event->realCode, event->keyCode works as previously
  • Opening Gideros documents/resources/temp directory from player
  • Opening previously launched projects from player on desktop (use menu), android and ios (hold finger on screen for more than 5 seconds and release)
  • Receiving touch events (including multi touch) on desktop
  • Restart player's project [Ctrl+R]
  • Added Event.APPLICATION_RESIZE event for when window is resized, get new dimensions using respective application class method
  • Implemented Application:isPlayerMode() method returning true if project is running on player and false if as an app
  • Android player using immersive view by default
  • IOS fixing crash when only landscape supported in Gideros Player
  • Implemented Sprite setAnchorPosition/getAnchorPosition which changes Sprites relative anchor position in Sprite's internal coordinates.
  • Included plugin building in build workflow, each new build should include updated plugins now

Release notes (2015.03.05)

  • PNG crash fixed
  • Zooming crash fixed
  • Black screen fixed
  • Updated xcode template and player to be compatible with 64 bits, modules enabled by default
  • ios8 orientation fix for landscapes

Release notes (2015.02)

  • New player resolutions
  • Auto player scaling
  • Fullscreen player
  • Scaling images in preview to fit them
  • Retina desktop support
  • Fat binaries for iOS

Release notes (2014.10)

Release notes (2014.01)

  • Feature: Application:getDeviceOrientation() function (Accelerometer example shows a usage of this function).
  • Feature: Load the next available resolution image, instead of base image.
  • Feature: Seperated Lua libraries and LuaJIT binaries will be available at Gideros Labs soon.
  • Feature: (Android) x86 binaries.
  • Feature: Updated to Box2d 2.3.0.
  • Update: Fixed the number of audio channels to 32 (to prevent iOS OpenAL problem).
  • Bug: Refixed Tegra2/3 GPU bug.
  • This version is built with Xcode 5.0.2, Android SDK 4.4.2 (API 19) and Android NDK r9c.

Release notes (2013.09.1)

  • Feature: Code and assets encryption are independent from each other.
  • Bug: (iOS) libluasocket.a was missing arm7s binaries.
  • Bug: gdrexport was exporting with wrong encryption.

Release notes (2013.09)

  • Feature: JSON and BitOp plugins are added by default.
  • Feature: (Android) Facebook plugin
  • Feature: (Android) Flurry plugin
  • Feature: Global MEMORY_WARNING event when memory is low.
  • Feature: Encryption of png, jpeg and wav files.
  • Feature: (iOS) Added UIViewControllerBasedStatusBarAppearance to .plist to hide status bar on iOS 7.
  • Feature: (Android) Added manufacturer and model information to Application:getDeviceInfo().
  • Bug: (iOS - Store Kit) Added a workaround for: "Sometimes when internet is offline, productsRequest:didReceiveResponse: is called instead of request:didFailWithError:."
  • Bug: (Android - Google Billing) Fixed seldom crashing occurs because of null intent.
  • Bug: Timers couldn't be re-started within TIMER_COMPLETE event.
  • Update: (iOS) Dropped armv6 support and updated minimum iOS version to 5.0.

Release notes (2013.06.3)

  • Bug: (Android) Removed setEGLConfigChooser(8, 8, 8, 0, 0, 0); line because some devices cannot create RGB888 OpenGL surface.
  • Update: (Android) Added android:targetSdkVersion="18" to AndroidManifest.xml and upgraded to Android SDK 4.3.

Release notes (2013.06.2)

  • Change: (iOS) Reenabled multi-threaded rendering loop with improvements.
  • Bug: Fixed render to texture bug when rendering right after texture creation.
  • Bug: KeyCodes.R and KeyCodes.E was not correct.
  • Bug: (iOS) Fixed audio resume bug after phone call (again).
  • Bug: The path resolution of gdrexport was wrong.
  • Improvement: (Android) Removed depth buffer.
  • Improvement: Added gideros.jar to assets only export list.
  • Fixed Gideros API annotation.
  • Fixed internal links in documentation.

Release notes (2013.06.1)

Release notes (2013.06)

  • Feature: Render to texture
  • Feature: New Mesh functions
  • Feature: New key codes
  • Feature: httpStatusCode for UrlLoader
  • Feature: 16 bit and 24 bit texture formats (8888, 888, 565, 4444, 5551)
  • Feature: Microphone plugin
  • Feature: Exporting from command line
  • Feature: mime.core for lua sockets
  • Feature: Application:canOpenUrl to test if url can be opened
  • Feature: (Android) added android:launchMode="singleTask" and android:installLocation="auto" to AndroidManifest.xml.
  • Change: (iOS) Dropped multi-threaded rendering loop
  • Change: (iOS) 44Khz sampling rate instead of 22Khz
  • Change: UrlLoader COMPLETE and EVENT errors are now dispatched consistently between various platforms.
  • Update: Lpeg plugin to 0.12
  • Update: Sqlite plugin to 0.9.1
  • Update: Qt to 5.1.0
  • Update: UrlLoader now uses User-Agent property as "Gideros" by default on all platforms.
  • Bug: Shape class can crash if the coordinates are NaN.
  • Bug: (iOS) Sometimes file not found error is given for .mp3 files.
  • Bug: (Android) Sometimes AudioTrack can give invalid state error.
  • Bug: (Mac) Fixed persistent storage errors
  • Bug: (Android) on some Cyanogen mods, FPS can be higher then 60.

Release notes (2012.09.10)

  • Feature: SQLite3 plugin for Android (look at reference manual for the limitations)
  • Feature: Object class as root of all classes
  • Change: While exporting, Lua bytecodes are not debug stripped to get better error descriptions
  • Change: All events are dispatched at main Lua thread (main Lua corotuine).
  • Bug: (iOS) AlertDialog and TextInputDialog can crash while GC
  • Bug: (iOS) Sound doesn't resume when application switching (double-click Home button) is used
  • Bug: postInit function isn't called for inner classes

Release notes (2012.09.9)

  • Feature: Lua file encryption is now optional
  • Feature: Libraries (libgideros.a and are also exported when "Export assets only" is selected.

Release notes (2012.09.7)

  • Feature: Native BMFonts
  • Feature: TTFont caching
  • Feature: Font kerning
  • Feature: Font metrics
  • Feature: Lua file encryption (for indie and professional license holders)
  • Feature: GameKit events are always dispatched at main thread.
  • Feature: postInit function for classes
  • Bug: Using API Level 9 results in crashing on Android 2.2.

Release notes (2012.09.6)

  • Feature: box2d contact implementation
  • Feature: Android APK Expansion Files
  • Feature: New functions b2.Body:getWorldPoint, b2.Body:getWorldVector, b2.Body:getLocalPoint, b2.Body:getLocalVector
  • Feature: New functions b2.Body:setFixedRotation, b2.Body:isFixedRotation, b2.Body:setBullet, b2.Body:isBullet, b2.Body:setSleepingAllowed, b2.Body:isSleepingAllowed
  • Bug: Wav file handle remains open

Release notes (2012.09.5)

  • Bug: Sometimes crashing occurs when same sound file is loaded multiple times.

Release notes (2012.09.4)

  • Feature: Loading of 8-bit PCM wav files

Release notes (2012.09.3)

  • Feature: New sound API implementation
  • Feature: Set/get pitch of sound channels
  • Feature: Pause/resume of sound channels
  • Feature: (iOS) Support for “play along” style apps where audio from other apps mixes with your audio
  • Feature: Automatic reuse of in-memory sound objects
  • Feature: Rope joints
  • Feature: Unrounded mouse/touch coordinates
  • Bug: (Android) If lock screen is disabled, application doesn't resume after lock/unlock.
  • Bug: (iOS) Sound doesn't resume after a phone call
  • Bug: Indices can shift while using b2.World:rayCast function
  • (Android) Updated to Android SDK 4.2 (target 17)
  • (Android) Updated to NDK 8c

Release notes (2012.09.2)

  • Feature: Application:getScreenDensity function
  • Feature: setAlpha/setColorTransform effects Meshes with color vertices
  • Feature: Optimized Touch/Mouse/Key events.
  • Bug: If a listener is removed within a listener, indices can shift.
  • Improvement: Bounds of a TextureRegion of a TexturePack can have rounding errors.

Release notes (2012.09.1)

  • Renamed Mesh:*Buffer functions to Mesh:*Array
  • Bug: If a Mesh object is using color vertices, then it may effect color of the other sprites
  • Updated the documentation.

Release notes (2012.09)

  • Feature: (Android) Google in-app billing
  • Feature: (iOS) Facebook
  • Feature: Mesh structure
  • Feature: Desktop player can generate touch events
  • Feature: New iPhone 5 resolutions
  • Bug: If a Lua error occurs in key events, Gideros cannot catch it.
  • Bug: Autorotation fix for iOS 6
  • Bug: (Android) Application shouldn't resume at lockscreen
  • Bug: (iOS) iAd plugin can crash at launch.

Release notes (2012.08.4)

  • Bug: Sprite:getBounds() function returns wrong values when there are MovieClip objects in the hierarchy

Release notes (2012.08.3)

  • Feature: Application:getTextureMemoryUsage() function
  • Feature: extended the plugin system
  • Bug: Sprite:getBounds() function returns wrong values when there are more than 2 level of hierarchies and rotation
  • Bug: gdrbridge cannot connect to deamon after some many requests
  • Bug: accessing Gideros functions from inside a coroutine crashes

Release notes (2012.08.2)

  • Feature: Bitmap:setTexture, Bitmap:setTextureRegion, TextureRegion:setRegion, TextureRegion:getRegion functions
  • Feature: GameKit:loadScores function (thanks to Andy Bower)
  • Feature: Application:getApiVersion function
  • Feature: Sound:play(..., math.huge) loops forever
  • Bug: addChildAt indices starts at 0 (should start at 1)
  • Bug: Xperia PLAY keys doesn't work
  • Bug: Event objects shouldn't store target object internally (late GC of target object)
  • Bug: os.remove and os.rename doesn't transform path names
  • Bug: On iOS, textures are deleted on main thread (should be deleted on rendering thread)

Release notes (2012.8.1)

  • Bug: LLVM-GCC produces buggy code with FreeType library. Moved to Xcode 4.4.1 with Clang 4.0
  • Bug: gdrdeamon can crash with some .gproj files
  • Bug: lpeg.dylib has wrong library path
  • Bug: addEventListener(type, func, nil) doesn't work correctly

Release notes (2012.8)

  • Feature: iAd plugin
  • Feature: LuaFileSystem plugin
  • Feature: LPeg plugin
  • Feature: Move to Android SDK 4.1 (target 16)
  • Feature: Drop support for Xcode 3 and move to Xcode 4
  • Feature: Universal applications
  • Feature: Native AlertDialog implementation
  • Feature: Native TextInputDialog implementation
  • Feature: Support Xperia Play keys
  • Feature: Command line tools to control player within 3rd party applications
  • Feature: collectgarbage() is called at Activity.onLowMemory on Android
  • Feature: Allow creation of Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Geolocation classes and don't create accelerometer, gyroscope and geolocation variables automatically
  • Feature: Rotated/flipped tile support
  • Feature: Timer.delayedCall returns created Timer object
  • Bug: application:openUrl shows incorrect url in windows player
  • Bug: in flurry plugin, timed parameter of logEvent should be negated
  • Bug: in Game Kit plugin, at showLeaderboard function, don't update category if category is nil
  • Bug: On iOS, setting 30fps doesn't work as expected on heavy loaded applications
  • Bug: On Android, UrlLoader crashes when method is GET and headers are given
  • Bug: recursive __gc calls should be prevented because destroying two Box2D objects at the same time can cause crash
  • Bug: On iOS, music doesn't continue after a phone call
  • Bug: On Android, paused/suspended applications consumes %1-%5 CPU
  • Bug: Parent classes and inherited classes should have the same self reference

Release notes (2012.2.2.2)

  • Feature: TTFont now accepts optional filtering parameter
  • Bug: (Android Player) TTFont loading error
  • Bug: (Android) TextField display error
  • Bug: (iOS) Avoid of 1 frame white screen at the beginning of application
  • Bug: MovieClip may crash if wrong parameter is given
  • Bug: TTFont's letter spacing is calculated wrong when automatic screen scaling is enabled

Release notes (2012.2.2.1)

  • Feature: Added LuaSocket as a plugin
  • Feature: Added support for headers on UrlLoader
  • Feature: Added HTTPS support for UrlLoaders
  • Feature: Added new b2.Body:setAwake function
  • Feature: Added b2.Body:setGravityScale and b2.Body:getGravityScale functions
  • Feature: Added wraping mode (repeat or clamp) for Texures
  • Feature: Added "redMultiplier", "greenMultiplier", "blueMultiplier", "alphaMultiplier" to Sprite:get/Sprite:set functions
  • Feature: Bigger font for displaying IP addresses on player
  • Feature: (Desktop Player) %25 zoom
  • Bug: (Android) OpenGL context lost on Android when some of the devices goes to sleep
  • Bug: Fixed "functions are not GCed when they refer to self as an upvalue"
  • Bug: Texture packer crashes when a texture bigger than 2048x2048 is generated.
  • Bug: (iOS) Black screen or wrong orientation when returned from Game Center modal window
  • Bug: Sprite:getMatrix() returns the values M12 and M21 swapped
  • Bug: TileMap returns 0 for getWidth() and getHeight()

Release notes (2012.2.2)

  • Incompatibility: Removed URLLoader class. UrlLoader should be used instead.
  • Feature: (Android) Plugins are now supported
  • Feature: (Android) Keyboard support
  • Feature: (iOS) Store Kit (in-app purchase) plugin
  • Feature: (IDE) Now it's possible to enable/disable automatic execution of Lua files from IDE
  • Feature: (Android) Android platform now supports require function
  • Feature: (iOS) lua_gc() function is called automatically when there is memory wa