Build Gideros On Windows

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Here are some basic steps to build Gideros on Windows

In order to build the, install

Android NDK should be extracted to


The "windows" build scripts use linux commands like mv/rm. To use these commands in windows

Install GNUWin CoreUtils:

And GNUmake:

Then add to your windows PATH the location where they are installed. For me that was

C:\Program Files\GnuWin32\bin

To build the QT projects (exporter, etc.), install QT

Download and run the QT 5.3 ONLINE INSTALLER:

Click next and expand Qt5.3 and make sure MinGW is checked.

Install to location


Then you will need to install QScintilla:

And build it:

cd Qt4Qt5
make install

Then you will be able to run buildqt.bat, all_windows.bat and copyall.bat

Copy the .bat files from QT5 into the main SCRIPTS folder to run them.

After doing the above, You will be able to build all QT executables and the libgideros file.

Thanks to EricCarr ( for tutorial