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Gideros Studio excels in application, ebook and games programming. There are also many other tools that can help you reduce your workload, and realize your full potential towards making your application. Below is a list of third-party add-ons, tools, and utilities for working with Gideros Studio, extending its functionality, and enhacing your projects.

  • TexturePacker creates sprite sheets and texture atlases for game development, css sprites for web design and optimizes images for mobile platforms. TexturePacker supports Gideros Studio
  • CodeHelper is a professional Lua IDE supporting several mobile application SDKs, including Gideros Studio
  • Physics Editor is a useful tool for anyone using sprites. It takes all of the difficult work out defining vertexes for box2d bodies, by helping define outlines of your sprites. PhysicsEditor supports Gideros Studio
  • Gideros SVG Level Builder is a set of libraries to be used in a Gideros game that allows you to create Gideros physics based games, levels and maps by just drawing in the free and open source vector drawing Inkscape.
  • Zwoptex lets you have a sprite and its coordinates optimized and ready to use for your newest project, and then export this file to Gideros Studio so you can easily render the sprite.
  • R.U.B.E is a Box2D editor which can edit a Box2D world. Output can directly be used in Gideros Studio. There are nice videos and usage examples in their web page (make sure you also check the free version, see link below)

Free tools

  • TNT Particle Engine: Great particles library for Gideros Studio to use with your game. Do not forget to check out the videos.
  • TNT Animator Studio: This software makes it easy to produce timed animations for Gideros Studio.
  • Gideros Illustrator is a level builder for GiderosMobile using Adobe Illustrator. It's a set of classes (=library), which transfer everything from Adobe Illustrator® to GiderosMobile in no time!
  • Zoë is a tool for exporting swf animations. Drag a SWF file onto the application, and it will scan the main timeline to find frame labels and dimensions. You can tweak the frame bounds, edit settings, then export a sprite sheet image and EaselJS code defining a SpriteSheet instance with frame data based on the timeline labels.
  • box2d-editor lets you import your game assets and easily define collision outlines for these assets. This outline is automatically transformed into multiple convex polygons to fit the box2d engine requirements. Then, a FixtureAtlas can be used to load the collision data from the saved files into your games.
  • Tiled Map Editor is a general purpose map editor which can be used to generate tilemaps and use these in Gideros Studio.
  • R.U.B.E is the link to the free version of R.U.B.E editor (see above)
  • BMFont (for Windows) allows you generate bitmap fonts from TrueType fonts. Hiero is another tool which is multiplatform.
  • Zerobrane Studio is a full-featured Lua IDE for several game and mobile development platforms, including Gideros Studio

Community contributions

  • Gideros Community Libraries repository holds a list of publicly available and open source libraries, helpers, utilities and sample Lua code that can be used in Gideros Studio. Feel free to include them in your mobile apps, games and ebooks.
  • Built with Gideros: A list of applications made with Gideros Studio
  • Box2d editor example
  • BmFont is an easy library to use BMfonts with Gideros Studio.